SepaFlash™ iLOK™-SL Series

SepaFlash™ iLOK™-SL Series

Short Description:

NEW iLOK™−SL (Solid-Load) Openable Columns (Twist-Cap) for Solid Loading with 15% Free Space on the Top!

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Flexibility and Performance

iLOK™-SL Cartridges offer users convenience for manual assembly, allowing for flexible sample loading methods: solid loading and direct liquid injection. The unique, proprietary dry packing technique guarantees high resolution and reproducibility for everyday purification.

Versatile and Safe

iLOK™-SL Cartridges are available in a wide range of cartridge sizes for any situation (3.5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 35 g, 70 g, 100 g, 185 g, 280 g), allowing purification vary from milligrams to dozens of grams. They are packed with UltraPure silica (irregular silica or spherical), alumina, C18, C8, C4, DIOL, CN, NH2, SAX, SCX or ARG, better satisfying the requirements of different users. Reinforced cartridge body allows for higher pressure up to 200 psi, fully compatible with any flash system on the market.


※ Universal fittings.
※ Flexible sample loading options.
※ Improved pressure rated up to 200 psi.
※ Innovative design convenient for manual assembly.
※ Higher peak resolution than competitive cartridges.

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      SepaFlash column Catalog EN
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      How to connect iLok column with Biotage* SP1 and SP4
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